Four secrets to home made Pizza

Every now and then we’re buying a ball of ready-made pizza dough (because I’ve been too lazy to find a good recipe, and to make the dough myself) and make some pizza at home. It’s fun, easy and relatively quick to make that way.

After most apparently doing things wrong šŸ˜› for such a long time I’m quite happy that I figured this stuff out all by myself (without the help of the interwebz!), so without further ado, here are my four secrets to successful home made pizza:

Straining the marinara for pizza
Strain that Marinara! (click to open larger.)
  1. Use marinara! Don’t use pure tomato puree or diced tomatoes or something like that. I’m using store-bought marinara because making it myself at home would defeat the purpose of being able to prepare a quick meal. There are plenty of choices of organic & rather “pure” marinara out there (just tomatoes, salt, pepper olive oil, onions, that’s it).
  2. Strain the marinara! Use a spoon and a fine-mesh strainer to get rid of the marinara’s excess juice. See all that juice in the picture, in the bowl under the strainer? It’s great when you have the marinara as a pasta sauce – but it will turn the pizza into a soggy mess that will most likely spread right into your oven too. No fun!
  3. The Mozzarella! No other cheese should be allowed on a pizza than mozzarella*. Period! I don’t use the very fresh & moist mozzarella that swims in a brine (or is that whey?) though. I use the dryer variety (usually in a shrink/vacuum pack). It’s harder, easier to grate, and it doesn’t contain as much excess liquids either.
  4. High temperature! We’re setting our oven to 500Ā°F/260Ā°C – that’s more than most recipes call for, but it really works better. When the mozzarella turns slightly brown, the pizza is done and the toppings are all still nice and juicy.

I hope you’ll enjoy your home made pizza as much as we do with these four simple tricks. Have fun!

PS: don’t worry, this site will not turn into a cooking blog now, there will still be photos and other stuff. šŸ™‚

*) Cows milk mozzarella goes onto the pizza. Use buffalo mozzarella for Caprese aka “that tomato, mozzarella & basil starter”. Trust me.

5 thoughts on “Four secrets to home made Pizza

  1. Pizza….tiramisu…dude you’re making me hungry

    So with pizza…a bold red wine…or a stout German beer?

    The tiramisu will need a dark roast coffee

  2. We use a recipe on the back of the yeast package for dough….the newer yeasts make the dough so easy and fast to make even I can do it without too much pain. Drizzle olive oil and fresh Parmesan and basil leaves the last couple of minutes…red wine please….

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