Infinite Red Shift

An addition to my “Chromasea” gallery. (processing info below)

This is a false color image. Just in case you were wondering (you weren’t really, were you? if you really were, be more skeptical of photography!). And to be quite honest… I think that’s about the only thing that “makes” this image. 🙂 It’s flipped horizontally, purely for aesthetic reasons.

No, my camera is not a reality seeking device, and neither should yours be… (the only people whose cameras should be are photo journalists).

So the color is the reason to show it. The pastels in the sky, the purple on the tide pool reef and then that sliver of violet on the sea, just below the horizon. I quite like how that turned out.


Now there are numerous ways in Lightroom to manipulate color. White Balance (temperature and tint), the HSL panel, the local adjustments (brush and gradient/radial filter with toning and/or WB adjustments), Split Toning, Camera Calibration, and last not least because it was used for the above photo: the Tone Curve’s parametric adjustments for single color channels.

I guess it’s most often overlooked because it’s somewhat hidden (you need to switch to the parametric tone curve adjustment first, and then switch to an individual color channel), but it can be incredibly useful to quickly manipulate color, including cross-processing effects.


Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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