Further wandering through the fog

Black Oak in fog at Laguna Mountains, San Diego County, CA.
Epiphany — Laguna Mountains, San Diego County, CA.
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A Black Oak in fog – I was on the way home already, from a hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, when I drove into quite thick fog along Sunrise Highway as clouds moved in. Since I love fog, I of course had to stop and wander around a little bit in the fading light (it was getting close to sunset).

And as I quietly and slowly walked along the trail, I heard a sound, turned, and saw a deer jump away and disappear in the fog – and I looked right at this marvelous tree. It was quite a magical moment. It’s the same tree as in the color photo (opens in a new tab/window), but with a slightly different, wider framing.

Parametric Tone Curve AdjustmentI find that, for fog photos, it works quite well to lift the black point a little bit so that no “true black” exists in the photo (and yes, I shamelessly adapted that from Instagram’s “Willow” filter;-). This can be easily done in Lightroom with the parametric tone curve, as illustrated to the right.

You just need to click on the little icon in the lower right of the Tone Curve panel in the Develop module (it’s labelled “Click to edit point curve” when you hover your mouse over it) to switch to the “free” tone curve editing, where you can place points as you please.

Values between 5% and 10% off of the true black point work quite well. As you can see to the right, I also lifted the mid tones and lights a little bit for the photo of the Black Oak, to further the bright/hazy appearance of the tree in fog.



Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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