Scenic Afternoon Cruise

After our morning walk at McGee creek and lunch we drove north on Highway 395 to scout some locations that Gary Crabbe mentioned in a video he posted just a couple of days before we left – it was really helpful, thanks Gary!

Our first stop in the afternoon was Dunderberg Meadows and Virgina Lakes. Our initial idea was to drive to Bridgeport via Green Creek, but after a mile or two of a bumpy ride on the dirt road we didn’t really feel in the mood to continue. 😛 Instead, we had a look at Virginia Lakes and I noticed a nice trail starting there. We only had a brief look since it was afternoon already, so I made a mental note to check out that trail on my map of the area (it’s always easier for me once I’ve seen the trailhead with my own eyes).

We drove back down from Virginia Lakes to Highway 395, enjoying the patches of colorful Aspens on the Dunderberg Meadows. Heading back south we of course had to stop at the Mono Lake Vista Point, just below Highway 395’s Conway Summit. The views spanning over the entire Mono Basin, with Crater Mountain and the White Mountains in the distance, as well as the mountains of the Eastern Sierra, are simply breathtaking. Spacious, peaceful.

We thought that it must be nice to be at that spot for sunset, but it was still about 1.5 hours away so we drove down from Conway Summit and turned West to Lundy Lake and Lundy Canyon. Above Lundy Lake is a somewhat chaotic, but really charming series of beaver ponds embedded in the narrowing valley, nicely seamed with trees and bushes. It was in the shade already.

The few clouds that had lingered over Crater Mountain had disappeared by the time we were back up at the Mono Lake Vista point unfortunately, so sunset was limited to some pastel colors on the land and in the sky. We would return here in the next days for sure.

Here are some impressions:

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