Using as an RSS reader

I just discovered that you can add any RSS feed to the Reader – and not just Jetpack-enabled sites and blogs hosted on

Here’s how:

  • While logged in with your account, visit and you’ll automatically be in your “Reader”.
  • Click on “Manage” in the right-hand panel next to “Followed Sites” (direct link: click).
  • At the top of the list that opens is a box where you can enter any site/blog URL to follow. It doesn’t even have to be the feed/rss URL, the normal URL works just fine (WordPress Reader will determine the feed/rss URL for you).

Posts from non-WP sites will be missing WP’s “social” features such as the Like button and direct commenting of course.

I still prefer a dedicated reader (I’m using G2Reader) because it allows me to categorize the feeds into folders (makes it easier to digest large numbers of subscriptions). But if you’re more of a casual reader that consumes blog posts more like a Twitter feed, using the Reader works well.

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