Purple Scooter

My system of editing/culling images in Lightroom (my photo management software) involves marking images that I like as a “pick” and then rate them at some point. 5-star images are the creme de la creme (and they are far and few between, some are in the “Favorites” gallery on my website), 4-star images go to the website as well, 3-star images are “contextual” and may be included in a blog post but not stand on their own, 2-star images are nice personal memories, 1-star images are personal memories to be kept because they’re just that.

Every now and then I of course have to remind myself to apply these ratings. And “Hell” is a Smart Collection in Lightroom with the criteria being “pick” and “no rating” and the image counter indicates that there are over 2000 matching images. šŸ˜›

So today I brought that number under 2000, and of course I occasionally stumble over some “gem” of sorts that was lost in there and passed the test of time quite well. In this case, the test of time was two months short of six years. I made this image in September 2008:

Purple Scooter
Purple Scooter parked in a Sidestreet, Palma, Mallorca, Spain.

I really like the combination of colors and perspective. It’s such a typical scene for this colorful city. Some more images from Majorica are collected in this older blogpost on my main website.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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