Fresh Green & Morning Fog

The latest addition to my series of images from the Cottonwood tree at Lake Henshaw (link goes to the gallery on my website) is an “update” of sorts – it replaces the existing March-take from 2012, which started the whole series. I guess I should have mixed feelings about replacing that one, but I’m actually just glad that I can remove the old image: it didn’t ripen too well, let alone grow on me – I really didn’t like it very much, anymore (and no, I’m not showing you now that it’s gone).

The new image actually comes after I already posted the April take on the tree – simply because I had such a hard time picking just one. Coming from sunny Santa Ysabel in the morning it was amazing to drive into unexpected fog at the Lake Henshaw basin – I wandered around the tree in fog and just could not get enough. It’s safe to say that I totally over-worked the scene. 🙂

In the end, I decided to not experiment with a very different angle or anything, but keep some compositional consistency – the images themselves are varied enough already and I had the feeling that using too much variation in the composition would weaken the series.

You can buy a fine art print of this photo on Fine Art America/ (prints are not watermarked, of course.)

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