My first entry for the Photo Challenge at The Daily Post, with this week’s theme “Work of Art“. On my first slot canyon hike in the desert, I was immediately hooked, and truly consider these landscape features nature’s work of art.

Slot Canyon, Calcite Mine
Slo-Mo — Calcite Mine Slot Canyon, Anza Borrego Desert State Park, California

In a process that encompasses more time than we humans can possibly fathom (hence the title of this post, and photo) during our feeble existences, slot canyons are the result of erosion caused by rainwater runoff from storms that reach the desert – Pacific storms coming from the West in Winter, and Monsoon storms from the South and East in Summer*.

Elegant shapes and lines are carved out of the rock, and light and shadow play with them. The subdued array of color goes from the warm earthy tones of the sandstone into deep blue in the depths of the slots.

Technical: it can be a bit challenging to carry a tripod into a slot canyon, but it is absolutely necessary: you need plenty of depth of field (this is at f/13) so exposure times will be long (this is 0.8 seconds). A wide angle lens helps – focal length for this photo is 16mm on a full frame camera.

*) if you’re interesting in historical weather information for Anza Borrego Desert State Park, look here



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