Signs of the time

Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages

I sync all my phone photos to Dropbox, and Lightroom auto-imports the photos from there (freeing precious cloud storage space occupied by 90% crappy phone snapshots;-). I tend to forget to check the auto-import folder every now and then, and just stumbled upon this image. 🙂

This is a bundle of Yellow Pages, originally delivered to a streetside mailbox, but no one cared much for it. It must have been delivered at least 2 weeks before I made this photo – on the weekend of February 28th/March 1st storms had passed through San Diego county (bringing about the only really significant amount of rain during this rainy season) and I made this photo on March 13th. One book has been removed. The other nine no one cared about anymore.

Maybe because they got wet and moldy, but more likely because no one needs the Yellow Pages anymore. If I want to look up a business I use some internet service, most likely Google Maps, as my directory of local businesses. I have no doubt that some folks still rely on and want the yellow pages. They’re delivered to our doorstep as well.

And I just take them and put them into the recycle bin. Because, while they have an opt-out procedure that I’d surely like to use, it involves giving them all kinds of personal data, including the social security number and whatnot. If I have to choose between anonymous delivery and immediately disposal, versus exposing my personal data to yet another company in a country with extremely poor privacy laws, I choose the former.

Either way – the Yellow Pages are obsolete for the most part already. Soon they’ll hopefully discover that they better switch to an opt-in model to save all the money that goes into printing, and stop wasting resources. Just imagine the tons of paper and the gasoline wasted. I don’t want to know the carbon dioxide footprint of one issue of the Yellow Pages delivered to my doorstep.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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