Cloud Passage

Two months old, this image has ripened nicely, and I’ve grown quite fond it.

I wanted to have the smooth water surface of the long exposure, but it was pretty windy, which didn’t work so well for the bushes and grasses in the foreground. The cloud movement didn’t really work in favor of the image either – at 16mm focal length (read: very very wide), the big puffy cloud in the distance on the left just didn’t move enough – it looked too structured, and more like an accident, even though the exposure time was a little over 1.5 minutes (using a 10-stop neutral density filter).

And even though I consider myself pretty much a Photoshop klutz otherwise, I do manage do open two images as layers from Lightroom, and selectively blend the parts that I want into one final image. Yay! I do not do that very often though, so each time I need this highly advanced technique I have to look up how to do it again. 🙂

You can buy a fine art print of this photo on Fine Art America/ Also available for licensing. (prints and licenses are not watermarked, of course.)


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