Quo Vadis, Flickr?

I’m sure this question has been asked before, and repeatedly, and by many people. The reason I’m asking it now is the update of Flickr’s mobile app – at least the one for Android. (I still want to believe that the iOS app isn’t the same…)

For a couple of days now I keep seeing @Flickr on Twitter re-tweeting praise of their new app (version 3.0). So I updated it, and foolish me, I didn’t check if I had a backup of the previous version (version 2.1.3).

Because that backup would have been much needed. All of a sudden, Flickr seems to think that they’re Instagram. There is no other explanation. Every photo in the feed of photos from people I’m following is square cropped!

Lake Hodges Detail
Lake Hodges Detail. It’s not square cropped, I’m sorry.

Now I don’t know about you, but I for one do not follow even one mobile photographer on Flickr. I’ve expressed my feelings towards slapping filters on phone snapshots before (yes I know, there’s a couple of good ones out there, of course, of course), and if I really wanted to do mobile photography and do filtered square-cropped images, what would I do? I’d use Instagram, exactly. Not Google+. Not Facebook. And for sure not Flickr. What the hell has gotten into them?

Version 2 of the Flickr app was genius – a grid of images, swiping up/down scrolls to the people you follow, swiping left/right moves through their photos. It was better than following people on their regular desktop browser interface, even!

And now I have to tap on almost every photo that people post to see it in it’s native aspect ratio (ie. the way those people wanted it to be seen and appreciated). Which is, surprise surprise, most often not the square. I do have to say that this is not exactly smart, on a mobile app.

Luckily, I found v2.1.3 of the Flickr app as an .APK file on UPtoDOWN. I uninstalled version 3, and manually installed the old version. Hey presto. Thanks Flickr, for nothing. Maybe you should strengthen your loyal existing userbase instead of fishing for people that are in a different market. Is that the smell of desperation?

6 thoughts on “Quo Vadis, Flickr?

  1. I had a look and the only difference I’ve read in the (glowing) reviews is that the navigation is on the bottom not the top for the iOS version. Attempting to compete with Instagram was mentioned numerous times. Sigh.


    1. I’ve read that it’s possible to swipe sideways in the iOS version to see more photos. I wasn’t able to accomplish that in the Android version. Not that I would want to, if they’re all square cropped and I have to tap on each of them…


  2. Ich war so dumm das Update auf meinem Tablet zu installieren und es funktioniert gar nicht…keine Ahnung warum.
    Ich sehe zwar die Menübutton, aber kein Bild und auch sonst nichts außer den Einstellungen.
    Auf dem Handy habe ich danach das Update gar nicht mehr installiert.
    Wie installiere ich denn die Vorgänger-Version auf dem Tablet?
    Kannst du mir das erklären, Alex?


    1. Auch wenn es mittlerweile geht: könnte am Account liegen. Mit der Version 3 zwingt einen Yahoo, einen vollständigen Yahoo account zu haben, irgendwie sowas (genau weiß ich es auch nicht, erinnere mich nur dunkel an einen Kommentar irgendwo)…


      1. Ja, den habe ich aber…schon letztes Jahr mit meiner “Wunschadresse” erstellt. 😉
        Und die “alte” Flickr-App gefiel mir auch richtig gut…naja, jetzt habe ich sie ja wieder.


  3. Vergiss meine Frage, ich hab’s tatsächlich geschafft, die alte Version zu installieren…juhu. 😉


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