It’s nice, but…

Most recently I cleaned up my “Mountains” portfolio category a good bit, and one of the galleries that just had to go was the collection of images from our first (and only) stay in the Sierra Nevada, at Mammoth Lakes and around. The gallery was an inconsistent mess of mixed black & white and color images of forests, intimate landscapes and grand scenery. It just didn’t work. It was pretty delusional to think that images captured during one week of mostly casual hiking would form a gallery that would work. But I so wanted them to!

One of the biggest pitfalls when building a photographic portfolio (or multiple, themed portfolios) that I’ve come across is the desire to try and fit every image that I like into an existing theme or gallery, or create a theme or gallery around just too few images to actually work well together. I’m totally, absolute, honestly guilty of and prone to doing that.

I added some of the images to my regular “Mountain” galleries instead (one for color, one for black & white images). And some images just wouldn’t fit in. The above photo is one of them (click to open it in the slideshow view for some more information about it). I like it because of the mixture or warm and cool colors, the Sierra Club featured it in one of their “Daily Ray of Hope” mailings (they pick the images from a pretty busy Flickr group pool), but on my website, I just couldn’t find a place for it.

I’m glad that I started this blog. It frees me from the itch to show images that I like in a gallery, and in a context that just isn’t there. It allows me to post photos more freely, and keep my main photography website free from photographic clutter, and more manageable.

Either way, shop for some photographic art from and around Mammoth Lakes on Fine Art America, where I offer my photos too.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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