Fare thee well, Milk Soup!

I’m getting increasingly bored by “that” particular look of long exposure seascape photography. This photo combines all the typical ingredients: milky water, darkened sky, high contrast foreground, square crop. The photographic world (or rather, my window into it) seems to be oversaturated by this type of images.

And I think it’s time to move on. If not for the photographic world, then at least for me. That’s one thing I can change. I’ve begun making shorter “long” exposures, and I like the results more.

Fare thee well, Milk Soup!

PS: and yes, with the broken 10-pin connector of my D800, I’m limited to 30 second exposures now, anyway. 😉

8 thoughts on “Fare thee well, Milk Soup!

    1. Thanks Shane. I’m beginning to think this type of long exposure photography may have become some popular because it’s EASY. The long exposure takes a lot of the random chaos that water movement and it’s shapes are away, usually leaving a couple of very simple elements to work with…


  1. This one is pretty darn good… I’m not any more tired of this look than any rocks + water + sky clichés. 🙂


  2. Well, this one is more interesting than many of the genre. It’s long been a popular formula, but it has of late become even more pervasive. I’m surprised that many photography contests still seem to reward these types of photographs. I suspect they are still popular with many people.

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