AUPD: Big Stopper

From Alexander’s Unofficial Photo Dictionary (AUPD), today:

Big Stopper, n. – a situation that never arises until on-location, when you’re ready to start making photos – only to find that you forgot one crucial piece of equipment at home, like a charged battery, your memory card wallet, or the cable release for long exposures.

[there is a lesser version of the Big Stopper too: it happens at home, and includes finding out that you forgot to lower your ISO back from 3200 to 100, like after a night street photography session, and continued to use 3200 the next day for a daylight session.]

3 thoughts on “AUPD: Big Stopper

  1. Lol! I’ve done the ISO thing but what taught me the biggest lesson was when I purchased my first, second battery. To have a backup battery at last was great. Wanting to see how many exposures I could eek out of the first battery was the problem. I was set up in front of a waterfall in Washington State – squeezed 5 more exposures out of my first battery and… where is the spare? On my desk in the charger. A spare battery is no good if you leave it at home in a different country!


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