Nik Collection glitch with Lightroom

I’ve reported the following as a bug early in February 2014, but the issue still hasn’t been addressed by Nik Software/Google, so I think a warning is due:

There’s a glitch in the Nik Collection when used together with Lightroom: all the external editing presets default to the sRGB color space. I can not image that using a limited color space like sRGB in an intermediate editing step is a good idea – so I changed my export presets, one by one (which is quite a tedious task in Lightroom), to use ProPhotoRGB instead.

To my surprise, they were switched back to sRGB every now and then. Highly confusing, and irritating and first, since I couldn’t imagine why this would happen. It turned out the culprit is Google’s auto-updater that also updates the Nik Collection – and with it, it overwrites the existing external editing presets. They default to sRGB again.

Most recently, the Nik Collection was updated again (Nik Collection changelog) but unfortunately, that problem has not been addressed. The default color space is still sRGB, and the automatic update overwrote my adjusted external editing presets again.

Screenshot of Lightroom's external edit dialog box
External Edit dialog – what it should be like (TIFF, 16bit, ProPhotoRGB)

I just don’t pay close attention to the color space in Lightroom’s external edit dialog all the time (or maybe by now, I actually do?) and I don’t want to accidentally use sRGB again, so for now, I disabled the Google auto updater services and scheduled tasks on my system (I also have backups of the existing external editing presets).

It is simply unacceptable to me that things which are absolutely non-trivial in a professional workflow get changed and overwritten in the background, without any notification. For now, when Nik announces an update on Google+ I’ll check the changelog first before updating manually.

4 thoughts on “Nik Collection glitch with Lightroom

    1. It’s a minor but annoying glitch. I’m just surprised that it takes them so long to fix it. Get a test version and try it. But look at OnOne software too. 🙂


      1. Color Efex and Silver Efex are the two best plugins in Nik’s suite IMHO. I never used or needed the others much (HDR Efex is said to be pretty good too but I’m not an HDR person).


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