Chiemgau Alps

Chiemgau Alps, looking into Austria.

This photo was made with my first compact digital camera, a Jenoptik JD2100Z3S (wow, what a volumptuous name).

It was a dark and gloomy winter day, I was hiking to a peak called Hochplatte when the sun began to partially break through the clouds. It was a really beautiful scenery.

The little camera used to eat 4 AA-Batteries every 100 exposures or so, but to compensate for that it had almost no manual controls.

Which wouldn’t have mattered much, anyway: the photo is at ISO400 and the shadows are almost completely gone in the most terrible, diagonally banded color noise. The highlights on the other hand are blown out – had I used exposure compensation to bring the highlights down I would have lost even more of the shadows. A gradual filter may have helped – except that there were no filters available for that camera.

One more thing to ponder: my current monitor has a higher resolution than this camera had. I can view the entire image at 100% on my screen. Many stock agencies have minimum resolution requirements, often in the 10-12 megapixel range.

The camera and gear doesn’t matter? I beg to differ.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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