Google Alternatives

This post was originally an appendix to my “Key Lime Pie” post, but for easier reference, I added it as a separate post, instead – my list of my alternatives to Google’s services and offerings:

  • My email is not on Google’s servers anymore – I have my own domain, and it includes email, so I use that. Not webmail though – the web frontends that my hoster provides are just no match for the functionality of GMail. My mail client is Thunderbird on the desktop, and Aquamail on Android – IMAP works just fine.
  • My primary browser is Firefox – it’s the only remaining independent browser with a serious market share. I only use Chrome for Google+ and Facebook (that way, they can spy on each other, and track my movements on their worst competitor’s platform – well, at least that’s my imaginary, wishful thinking… they probably don’t care too much, but it makes me feel better;-).
  • My blogs are on WordPress (hosted, or self-hosted, in the case of my photography website), instead of Google’s Blogger (another product that is dying a slow death if you ask me).
  • I’m using Level3’s DNS servers in our home network now, and not Google’s (and not my ISPs, either…)
  • My search engine of choice is Duck Duck Go for a while now, and I’m quite happy with it (if I really need Google’s search results for whatever reasons [it’s getting rarer and rarer as DDG is catching up], I’m using Startpage).
  • My notes are kept in Evernote, instead of Google Keep.
  • Public documents and photos are stored in the cloud in Dropbox, or Tresorit (when privacy and security are important), and not Google Drive.
  • I’m working on my documents with LibreOffice, installed locally, instead of using Google Docs online.
  • Oh and, my RSS reader of choice is G2Reader. (and while I don’t need any of their premium features, I paid them – as I said: these alternatives need our support)

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