Google Alternatives

This post was originally an appendix to my “Key Lime Pie” post, but for easier reference, I added it as a separate post, instead – my list of my alternatives to Google’s services and offerings:

  • My email is not on Google’s servers anymore – I have my own domain, and it includes email, so I use that. Not webmail though – the web frontends that my hoster provides are just no match for the functionality of GMail. My mail client is Thunderbird on the desktop, and Aquamail on Android – IMAP works just fine.
  • My primary browser is Firefox – it’s the only remaining independent browser with a serious market share. I only use Chrome for Google+ and Facebook (that way, they can spy on each other, and track my movements on their worst competitor’s platform – well, at least that’s my imaginary, wishful thinking… they probably don’t care too much, but it makes me feel better;-).
  • My blogs are on WordPress (hosted, or self-hosted, in the case of my photography website), instead of Google’s Blogger (another product that is dying a slow death if you ask me).
  • I’m using Level3’s DNS servers in our home network now, and not Google’s (and not my ISPs, either…)
  • My search engine of choice is Duck Duck Go for a while now, and I’m quite happy with it (if I really need Google’s search results for whatever reasons [it’s getting rarer and rarer as DDG is catching up], I’m using Startpage).
  • My notes are kept in Evernote, instead of Google Keep.
  • Public documents and photos are stored in the cloud in Dropbox, or Tresorit (when privacy and security are important), and not Google Drive.
  • I’m working on my documents with LibreOffice, installed locally, instead of using Google Docs online.
  • Oh and, my RSS reader of choice is G2Reader. (and while I don’t need any of their premium features, I paid them – as I said: these alternatives need our support)

1 thought on “Google Alternatives”

  1. […] Previously, I had only moved my emails away from Google, but calendar and contacts remained there for the sake of easily syncing them with my Android phone. Setting up OwnCloud with my shared hosting was too much of a hassle for me (I’m just a little geek, not a big geek), and the webmail frontends (Roundcube etc.) were all pretty ugly too. […]


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