Road Trip Day 7 – Humboldt County

After a good night’s sleep my condition was much improved on Thursday when we continued to head further north from Eureka. Our first stop was at the Arcata Marshes, an interesting area since it is a “natural waste water treatment plant.” While it is a peaceful and beautiful area that is surely very attractive to birders and bird photographers, we didn’t spend too much time there, and continued a little further up north on Highway 101.

The second stop was Moonstone Beach and County Park at the southern end of Trinidad’s Scenic Drive and the mouth of Little River – it’s a really beautiful beach, and a low-hanging marine layer gave us most lovely conditions. We continued on Scenic Drive and stopped here and there to take in the views of the ocean, cliffs and seastacks.

At Trinidad we had lunch and took a short walk in the woods above Trinidad State Beach – I was hoping to get an unobstructed view of the ocean and seastacks from one of the trails, but the beautiful dense and lush green forest didn’t allow for that. 🙂

Continuing on Highway 101 we made a couple of stops in the area of the Humboldt Lagoons in the afternoon, and I had the most fun at the beach of Dry Lagoon – the sand is dark and coarse, and at the southern end are some beautiful rocks that made for great photo subjects with the waves crashing on them and washing over and around them. I noticed quite an amount of people there combing through the pebbles and coarse sand with little sticks or their hands – it turned out there were searching for so-called “Ocean Agates”, little gemstones that sometimes have a white patina on them. The ones that the friendly folks showed me were orange and translucent, and the people collect them just for fun and as a pastime.

Just past the little town of Orick we made a right turn to Bald Hills Road and Lady Bird Johnson Grove. This redwood grove is located a little up on a hill, and we drove directly into the low-hanging marine layer – and fog is of course the most perfect condition to be in a redwood forest. Finally! An easy loop trail leads through the wonderful grove, the hillside location allows for looks deeper into the forest than the redwood areas we had been to before, and the forest is dense of a lush green. (I can’t help but think what clueless fools Douglas and I have been in May to not stop there, when the Rhododendron was in bloom!)

After Lady Bird Johnson Grove we continued north, all the way up to Crescent City in Del Norte County, where we had dinner and found ourselves a place to stay for the night. I can honestly say that Humboldt County is a truly wonderful area in Northern California. I need to come back! Here’s the gallery with some photos:

One thought on “Road Trip Day 7 – Humboldt County

  1. Greetings Alexander. Glad you recovered and were able to continue your “Road Trip”. Northern California is so lovely in the fall. As always i wish to thank you for continuing to include me in your postings. You have made quite a positive impression on many a fledgling photographer and i love to share your work online. May your journey continue, without a hitch. Have fun and don’t forget that Washington State awaits your arrival ;-)! Katheyrn


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