Road Trip Day 5 – Point Reyes

On day 5 of our road trip I saw no improvement to my sore throat and general condition unfortunately – we proceeded as planned to Point Reyes on Highway 1 via the Golden Gate Bridge (stopped to make photos, but the conditions were really meh). I had underestimated how long and winding the road and drive to Point Reyes is via Highway 1 and we reached Point Reyes Station around noon, just in time for lunch.

After a hearty meal we drove out to the actual Peninsula, paid a photographic visit to the stranded “Point Reyes” boat at Inverness, then drove out to the historic Pierce Point Ranch, from were a trail starts all the way to Tomales Point – lands end and northernmost point of the Point Reyes peninsula. As we approached the area we already got to see some of the Tule Elk that live there, and could listen to their cute and funny high pitched sounds. I had not planned to hike out all the way to Tomales Point anyway, but at Pierce Point Ranch it was rather cold and windy and I couldn’t warm up to the idea of a hike the way I felt – so we continued to drive around and explore the area further.

We spent a good amount of time photographing the Monterey Cypress tunnel at the historic RCA/KPH Pacific HF radio site (photographic advice: telephoto lens) before checking out the two access points to Point Reyes Beach (which we didn’t find too interesting). We also scouted the starting point of the Estero Trail and I made some photos at Schooner Bay – it was probably a good thing that we didn’t hike the Estero Trail, because the mosquitos at Schooner Bay were killers – I got bitten by at least three of the little suckers in the short time I was out there to make some photos, one bit me directly under my lower lip and the whole left side started to swell within minutes! I never had such a reaction to a mosquito bite before.

It was getting late and the weather wasn’t pretty, so we began our drive inland to Petaluma where we would stay for the night. After finding some healthy Chinese food for dinner I picked up cold medicine and had an early night. Just like Point Lobos, Point Reyes wants to be visited and explored again. That’s not a bad thing, I’m feeling a little more familiar with the area after the second visit, things can only get better from here. 😉

And here’s the gallery with some impressions (email subscribers please open the post in the browser to see it).