Road Trip Day 3 – Point Lobos, Monterey & Big Sur again

The third day of our trip began with a visit to Point Lobos, an area that I had visited before in May when traveling with Douglas. We began our little hike in the northern part, to Whaler’s Cove and the old Whaler’s Cabin, then continued into the beautiful Allan Memorial Grove with it’s gnarly cypress trees. There was a lot of old kelp and seaweed in the waters of the coves so it wasn’t really a pretty sight and most of all, long exposures didn’t work too well with these swimming beds of crap (it just becomes a blurry dark mass in the water in a long exposure).

Unfortunately, the marine layer was much higher that day, not like the thick and low-hanging fog that covered the coast on our way here the day before. So, no pictures of the cypress trees shrouded in fog, no mystic images of pines with lace lichen, no layers of the coastline with it’s little coves gently disappearing into the mist… guess I just have to visit again! 😉

In the afternoon, we first did the famous “17-Mile Drive” of Pebble Beach – which was a bit disappointing, I must admit. Essentially, one pays an entrance fee to see where the rich people live and play (golf). 😉 I made some long exposure photos along the shore, but pretty much the same coastline and features can be found in the northern part of the Monterey peninsula, at Pacific Grove along Ocean Boulevard.

As the afternoon was progressing, we drove into Carmel Valley, which I had read about a little bit and thought to be beautiful, but it looked far too much like San Diego for our taste – dry golden grass in the meadows and oaks and sycamore that line a road which becomes increasingly winding and of poorer quality. We decided to head back towards the coast instead, and try our luck again with the northern part of Big Sur and it’s coastline, with the marine layer being higher that day of course hoping we would at least be able to actually see some of the coastline. 🙂

Well, it was a little better, but not much, so we headed back to our hotel and spent a quiet evening in the hotel room planning a bit for the next day and having our leftovers and some fruits for dinner. 🙂

Last not least, here are some photos: