Road Trip Day 1 – Guadalupe

Here is a little gallery with images from the first day of our road trip. Click on any of the images to open it larger. Some more info is below. 🙂

After a crazy drive through LA (including being rerouted by Waze – because of an accident on 101 – in a way that most likely didn’t save us any time at all, since we ended up in I-5 to the north, then using 126 to get to Ventura) and a somewhat disappointing lunch at a famed fried chicken place we got to our hotel in Santa Maria, from where we went to Guadalupe Dunes County Park. This was quite disappointing (see info on the first photo), so we continued to have a dinner at a famous barbecue restaurant (it was good, but probably not worth 30 minutes of waiting since we had no reservation) and stopped along the road since the scenery was quite beautiful. Next time, we’d probably rather check out Point Sal and take a hike there, the coastline in that area is actually quite beautiful!

Sidenote: highest temperature on that day while driving through LA was 103F, lowest temperature was 63F at the ocean near Guadalupe!

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