Referers: Facebook vs Google+

I switched from Blogger to WordPress not very long ago (and it was absolutely worth it – Blogger is simply years behind, there’s no other way to put it – another Google product that has been entirely neglected, and will get slashed sooner or later without doubt), but since I’ve done that, I’ve been pushing my posts to both Facebook and Google+ as well. To Facebook, with WordPress’ integrated “Publicize” feature, to Google+ manually, with a +1 on my own posts (the absence of Google+ integration throughout WWW services is strange, but noticeable).

Now, I have ~150 friends on Facebook (since this is a personal blog, I’ve not been sharing it on my photography Facebook page, which has ~220 followers), and I have ~4500 “followers” on Google+ (I had to check that number twice because last time I checked, it was only ~1300).

Needless to say, most of the Facebook contacts are personal friends and acquaintances, and most of the Google+ followers are people who are only interested in my photography, but with 30 times as many readers, one would expect that the referer stats of this blog would be vastly in favor of Google+, but imagine my surprise when I just looked at the stats today. Have a look at this (click to open larger):

Facebook actually brings more traffic to this site than Google+. Of course, that may be vastly different for others, I don’t know anything about other sites, but it makes me wonder how attractive Google+ is as a service for people who create content. If only so very few users bother to “click through” to read an article on an external site, why bother sharing the content on Google+, first place? Hmmmm…

3 thoughts on “Referers: Facebook vs Google+

  1. have noticed the same as well. but as you said, its a personal blog. and therefore I would guess that your friends are more interested in your blog than “strangers”. Also, blocking comments on your google+ posts does not help.

    On facebook for instance, I unfollow people that have turned off the ability to comment. no exceptions.

    A nice way to have interaction on your blogpost AND your google+ post is to integrate google+ comments πŸ™‚ that plugin works very well with disqus comments as well.

    Just my tips πŸ™‚


    1. I have mixed feelings about the comments. People have to “click through” to read the content, and the comment box is available, right there (and most browsers will offer auto-completion of the usual fields like name and email address). It makes no sense to have a discussion on a site where the content is NOT. πŸ™‚ Also, I like to keep things in one place, and with people who use blockers like Ghostery and other privacy guards, plugins like Disqus will often not work.


  2. There is another problem with comments in Google+: Some people comment after just reading the headline or the snippet without actually reading the whole text. This can be really annoying.


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