Taiwan Day 15 – Market in Nantou, then home

Our last day in Taiwan. Shuwen’s sister Jane accompanied us to the Wednesday market in Nantou. It’s a traditional market where all kinds of goods are offered – clothes, cooked food and small snacks, vegetables, fruits, random cooking ingredients, as well as raw meats. There’s not much to say really, it was fun to just snap some photos with the camera in JPEG/black&white mode while walking around this visually incredibly rich environment, so check out the gallery below. 🙂

We packed our things in the afternoon, had an early last dinner with Shuwen’s family and then waited for the taxi that would take us to the airport.

That taxi ride was something special: it began with the driver being 15 minutes late, and then while driving he was either on the phone, watching TV (I kid you not), or his radio or the radar detector went off and made horrible sounds. Highly annoying. As it was getting darker, the brightness of the screen in the center console (on which the guy was watching TV) became extremely painful in the darkened car, so I asked Shuwen to tell him that I have sensitive eyes and turn it off – in return, he cranked up the volume so he wouldn’t miss his favorite TV show, or whatever. Really weird.

Traveling back over the international date line was funny: our flight departed around midnight in Taipei, and we landed 4 hours earlier, 8 o’clock in the evening, in Los Angeles. 🙂 Thankfully, I was able to sleep a lot on the plane so when we arrived I was pretty awake for the drive home. Even stranger though, I didn’t experience much jetlag either in the following days.

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