Taiwan Day 12 – Lugu

Shuwen’s father needed the car in the morning because he went to do some services for the deceased/ancestors (I hope I got that right) so we took it easy and re-packed our luggage for the coming two days (which we would spend in Nantou County’s higher regions, near the Lugu Township – in the forest parks of Shan Lin Xi and Xi Tou, to be precise), had breakfast in town, hung out in the couch catching up on Facebook, and were pretty lazy.

When Shuwen’s dad came back we had lunch together with the family and then began the (relatively short) drive to the bed & breakfast that we had booked in advance. As we drove up higher the temperatures became more pleasant, and the humidity tolerable. 🙂

The area is, despite the fact that Shan Lin Xi and Xi Tou are two tourist attractions, relatively quiet, and we enjoyed having a cozy little cabin for ourselves, away from the main building and dining room. The mattresses were soft, the fan in the bathroom actually went off 😉 when we flicked the light switch, using the A/C wasn’t really necessary… could this be a place to finally get some good sleep?

Just as I had completed the thought, a little black box next to a cabinet starts BRRRRRRRRRWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOHHHHH …a de-humidifier! Thankfully, it had a manual control and we were able to turn it off (it turned out it was not “off enough”, so it came back on in the middle of the night, and wanted to be turned off more. 😛 Also, it became quite apparent why the thing was there the next morning, when it had cooled down quite considerably during the night, and an enormous amount of humidity had built up as dew on the inside of every window).

Since there was still some time before dinner we went for a little walk and soon discovered a little trail that led into a bamboo plantation (if you every saw a little bamboo plantation in a botanical garden… just forget it. It doesn’t do the magic of these plants and a bamboo forest any justice) and hiked up on the path a little bit to make some photos.

However, since it was going up and up and up, we decided to not continue the exploration too far, and head back to our cabin to freshen up before dinner. Bamboo is used extensively in meals there – we had a dish with bamboo shoots (of course), but also bamboo rice, which is steamed inside a bamboo tube and gets a special taste and fragrance through that (it’s also quite convenient to carry as a snack, I think).

After dinner, we played a couple rounds of Mau-Mau because there was obviously not much else to do in the little village… good thing I had bought a book at the airport as well, William Gibson’s “Zero History” – at first, his long-winded writing and descriptions were a surefire way to help me fall asleep, but as the story evolved, it lost that effect entirely and I became quite hooked on it.

These photos are in color, I didn’t really think of making more “documentary” black & white images during the day. Sorry! 😉

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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