Taiwan Day 1

Wednesday March 13th was our first “real” day in Taiwan, and another travel day for us – after a hearty breakfast at our hotel (hint: plain steamed buns go really well with strawberry jam or chocolate spread;-) we used the hotel’s shuttle to the Tao Yuan station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail. That’s a very fast train (much like Germany’s ICE, but based on the Japanese Shinkansen technology) which connects Taipei in Taiwan’s north with Kaohsiung in the south via a number of cities and stops along the west coast of the island.

We left the train at Tai Chung, where Shuwen’s sisters picked us up to take us to their parents home, where we would stay for the night. On the way to Shuwen’s home we stopped at a very nice Running Sushi place in a food court and a little temple, which was, from my perspective, right in the middle of nowhere. Taiwan has a number of major roads and freeways, but there’s also an absolutely confusing array of little local roads, very narrow, and after about 5 or 6 left- and right-turns, I completely lost track and had the feeling that we must be going in circles. 🙂

Here’s a gallery with some impressions (click on an image to open it larger in theater mode).

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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