Web browser version numbers

I have a suggestion to resolve the version number craziness of web browsers we’re seeing ever since Google decided that each bugfix (or something) in Chrome causes a bump of the major version number:

We simply divide existing version number by 10. Hey presto! Let’s have a look:

The upcoming Internet Explorer 10 will be v1.0 – sounds about right! That also makes all previous versions 0.x “betas”. Sounds about right too, no?

Since Firefox only picked up the madness with version 4, we divide by 10 and then add 3.5 (the last version with reasonable numbering), making the current FF 16 version 5.1 – sounds good?

Chrome will be v2.2 – sounds a bit low, but at it’s current pace, Google will catch up with FF in no time at all (my guess would be, at the end of the year). 😛

Opera is tricky, and doesn’t even appear in the stats of my blog, so we skip it. 🙂

Safari began to rush version numbers only this year – after 5.0 in 2011 to 5.1 in 2012, and now 6.0 already! Dudes! But, because it’s an Apple product, it’s so far outside of any competition anyway that we don’t mind, and pretend that it doesn’t have a version number. The next one will be “the new Safari”, most likely.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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