Wooded Hill

Wooded Hill in the Laguna Mountains is, blatantly obvious just from looking at its name, a wooded hill that has made it onto the Sierra Club’s 100 Peaks list, somehow. It’s probably one of the easiest peaks on the list – the Wooded Hill Nature Trail is a casual stroll through open Jeffrey Pine forest on a little loop, just a bit uphill. Views are, as the name implies, rather limited – that hill is wooded, and the only opening is to the south and southwest (see third photo below).

It’s particularly beautiful in spring – up there, that usually means late April through early June – when plenty of wildflowers are in bloom, and in autumn of course, when the Black Oaks (Quercus kelloggii) take on a beautiful warm yellow fall color. The latter usually happens between the end of October and November, depending on the weather and temperatures.

If you’re a more ambitious hiker you can do loop hikes of various lengths (~7-8 miles) by starting at the Meadows Trailhead and including the Laguna Meadows, either via Big Laguna Trail, or the Sunset Trail to Water of the Woods. From Laguna Meadows, get to Agua Dulce Ravine (one of the few locations in the Laguna Mountains where Incense Cedar grows), which connects to Wooded Hill Campground. Then heroically 😉 attain the summit of Wooded Hill, and loop back to your car via Old Highway 80 (this is in fact how I hiked Wooded Hill when I made the photos below).

Wooded Hill is peak #69 on the list. No benchmark or triangulation plaque marks the summit (or at least I couldn’t find it) but its elevation is given as 6223 feet / 1896 meters.

Below are some photographic impressions. I have many fine art prints from San Diego’s Laguna Mountains available in my print-on-demand store – there are landscapes, forest images and flower close-ups, please take a look! A print purchase supports my photographic art and writing. If you’re looking for a specific photo and can’t find it, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

This is my personal blog, and I am a professional photographer. Please respect my copyright. If you would like to use any of these photos, for whatever purpose (commercial or personal), you MUST obtain a license and/or written permission from me. More information on my page about image usage. Thanks.

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