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What’s scarier – the darkness in your backyard at night, or when the motion-sensor light gets triggered by… something?

Quite possibly the oldest dimmer on the planet

The oldest dimmer on the planet
The oldest dimmer on the planet?
Quite possibly the oldest dimmer on the planet. Hardwired and then locked. Had to break the plastic case in oder to get to its innards and disconnect it…

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your driving skills, and how your speeding, jumping lanes and weaving through the hordes of those other, speed limit abiding idiots that occupy YOUR road has brought you to the next red light a good 1.2 seconds faster than the rest of us. Fantastic achievement!

I cannot help but admire the creativity and persistence that must have gone into the discovery of coffee as we know it today. You take the seeds of a berry, roast them, grind them, pour hot water over them, and then you drink that brew. Wow! Continue reading “Coffee”

Stop. Hummustime. (don’t feed the silos)

Ingredients for home-made Hummus. This is so shockingly simple to make (what you really need is a food processor), I’m surprised that the “convenience” limit is so low (or high?) by now that people buy store-bought hummus. Continue reading “Stop. Hummustime. (don’t feed the silos)”

Under Attack

The new year began not so pleasant: I woke up to multiple emails from Jetpack’s “Monitor” feature telling me that all of the sites in my hosting account were down (followed by the “still down” messages one hour later), and two emails from Siteground (my web hoster), the first warning me that I’m nearing the CPU limit for the hosting account, and not much later, telling me that my account was limited because of resource overage. Not funny. Continue reading “Under Attack”

State of the blog (where do we go from here)

Long-time followers of this blog probably remember some of it’s transformations – from a personal blog to a photo blog, and now back to a personal blog. And that pretty much sums up what has been happening since late 2014 and throughout 2015 here: not much photography, but a lot of more personal articles and posts about my other interests, besides photography. Continue reading “State of the blog (where do we go from here)”

Hecq – Bête Noire

I must admit that my tolerance level for the musical genre called “Dubstep” is extremely low. Usually, I’ll make it into the first “drop” and soon after that, the irritating array of broken beats and all in all broken-sounding… well, I hesitate to call it music actually, so lets say noise quickly drives me away. Yes, I’m getting old. Continue reading “Hecq – Bête Noire”

The News

It’s not “The News.” What it should actually be called is: “Some News, within prescribed parameters in keeping with the agenda of our sponsors, designed to exacerbate your fear and limit your freedom – followed by the weather forecast.”

(Russell Brand in his show “Messiah Complex”)

I’m looking for a bumper sticker “Keep paganism in winter solstice festivities.”

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