Approach with caution

There’s a Honda right around here, same make, model year, trim and color as ours. What’s more, only the last two digits of the license plate are different (theirs ends in -50 instead of -48!).

One time it was parked right next to ours, at Lake Hodges, when I returned to the trailhead parking lot from a walk with Toni. I thought I was hallucinating! Another time it was parked in the Costco parking lot and I was going crazy, because neither the remote nor the key itself would unlock the car.

I’ve learned to approach what appears to be our own car with caution on public parking lots.

21st century diaries

Unfinished blog post drafts are the diaries of the 21st century. I have about 30 drafts here in this blog right now. Random thoughts, rants, wisdom, never to be published. I like browsing them every now and then. It’s nice to look back and say “what was I thinking?!” – and it’s also far less embarrassing that way, when they’re simply buried in some anonymous database. Not that I haven’t created enough embarrassing content that is online of course…:-)

The dismissed social media posts are not that lucky by comparison – once they’re gone there’s no way to bring them back. I like my unpublished drafts more.