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Cellphone Photos – November 2016 Gallery (10 photos)

As usual, the monthly collection of cellphone photos. Both Shuwen and I updated to the iPhone 7 plus at the end of November. Being able to capture raw data with Lightroom mobile, and the combination of having a (slight) telephoto lens in addition to the usual wide angle is really terrific. I’m enjoying cellphone photography more than ever. I wrote a little bit in this blog post, if you’re interested: Penasquitos Canyon from Camino Ruiz (with 6 photos). Continue reading “Cellphone Photos – November 2016 Gallery (10 photos)”


I’m still trying to wrap my head around America’s election results, and this post is a first attempt to somehow put things together to gain some clarity.

And just to get one thing out of the way immediately: it has nothing to do with the fact that a Republican candidate won, or that there’s a Republican majority in Congress (the latter has been the status quo for a while now anyway). I’ve lived in Germany for the most part of my live, and ever since I was allowed to vote, quite often elections didn’t turn out as I had hoped and it was not “my” party and candidate who won (I’ve witnessed all 17 years of the Helmut Kohl conservative administration in Germany, for example – Germany has no term limits). So it has nothing to do with different political ideas and direction.

But it has everything to do with who got elected, and how he campaigned. We’ve all seen how Donald Trump crossed all boundaries of human decency and dignity. It has all been said, repeated, recorded, stored and preserved, it was and is all in plain sight, for everyone to see. Continue reading “Headache”

Cellphone Photos – October 2016 Gallery (8 photos)

The monthly collection of cellphone photos. Doesn’t include ones that I previously posted here, or on my main photo site. Continue reading “Cellphone Photos – October 2016 Gallery (8 photos)”

The Sisters of Mercy

I just read a quite scathing review that someone left on The Sister of Mercy’s “Floodland” album from 1987. Quite obviously, I didn’t agree with the negative criticism because… well, I’ve been there. I bought that album after I heard “This Corrosion” and saw the video. It was 1987, I was 16. And I was hooked. I bought the Floodland album, and I love it, to this day. Continue reading “The Sisters of Mercy”

Flying Rhino – Wabi (2001)

In my series about my personal “Best of Ambient” selection, this one’s an outlier: “Wabi” is a compilation (all the others so far are artist albums). But, despite the fact that there’s nine different artists contributing tracks to the compilation, the disc has a surprisingly coherent sound. Continue reading “Flying Rhino – Wabi (2001)”

32 Best Ambient Albums Ever Made

I found the compilation of “32 Best Ambient Albums Ever Made” via “Ambient Landscape“, and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing, reading and listening to the entries in the list. Continue reading “32 Best Ambient Albums Ever Made”

The RIAA is Don Quixote

Think back 20-30 years ago, and imagine this headline: “RIAA takes on tape-recording in copyright lawsuit targeting tape deck manufacturers” – does that sound absurd?

But yet today, we have a headline like this: “RIAA takes on stream-ripping in copyright lawsuit targeting YouTube-mp3Continue reading “The RIAA is Don Quixote”

Snapping Turtle at Lake Hodges (5 photos)

Well, that was a weird encounter for sure. I never imagined I’d see a Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) in the wild, let alone at nearby Lake Hodges! They’re not native to Southern California (this Wikipedia article has a range map), and apparently it’s not even lawful to possess them here. Continue reading “Snapping Turtle at Lake Hodges (5 photos)”

Cellphone Photos – September 2016 Gallery (21 photos)

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