Sunday Punday

Chicken-hearted apple farmer told to grow a pear.


Striped Racer vs Lizard

Striped Racer (Coluber lateralis lateralis) caught a lizard, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California, June 2018.

Something gory from our backyard – a California Striped Racer (Coluber lateralis lateralis) caught a lizard. The lizard of course dropped/lost its tail (a normal defense mechanism) and the snake had a pretty good grip on it, but the lizard was still pretty alive, writhing and fighting as much as possible. When the snake tried to get the lizard re-aligned towards its mouth in order to swallow it, the lizard got away. Good for the lizard (its tail will grow back), bad for the snake. Maybe the lizard was just too big for the snake to swallow. Continue reading “Striped Racer vs Lizard”

Nordic Walking in Southern California

I wanted to share an endurance exercise/activity with Shuwen for quite a while now, since I found and still find jogging so beneficial, as a whole. And we did try jogging together, but it wasn’t great for either one of us – due to our slight (ahem) size difference, our speed differed too much: she was essentially hauling ass while I at the same time didn’t really get “into the zone” because I went so slow. :-} Not exactly a great partner activity that way!

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Getting Old with Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode Ultra Cover (source:

I really tried to like the newer Depeche Mode albums but I don’t know – maybe that time has just passed for me and my taste in music has changed, or maybe their style has changed (or not changed enough), or they’ve lost some of their bite and grip?

Anyway, “Ultra” from 1997 remains the last album that really clicks with me. It is more varied than “Songs of Faith and Devotion” and sounds more lively and organic than “Violator”. And then I realized that 1997 was 21 years ago. Yikes! So when I say “newer Depeche Mode albums”, it’s relative to my age… 😛 Continue reading “Getting Old with Depeche Mode”