Sunday Punday

The sound of the washer reminded me of a song that Samsung.


Safari Park Animals

Southern Gerenuk Kissing (Litocranius walleri), Safari Park, Escondido, California, March 2018.

Some of our friends had a spare guest pass for the San Diego Zoo – and gave it to me! That was a nice surprise. The pass was good for both the zoo itself and the Safari Park in Escondido – the latter is relatively close to where we live so I decided to go there.

I brought the camera with me, but found the zoo animal photos so far outside of everything that I normally photograph that I decided to share them here, on my personal blog. It was interesting to realize how clearly I can draw the line in this case – even though I think I’m quite generous and flexible when it comes to adding photographs to my online photo archive… 🙂 Continue reading “Safari Park Animals”

Escape from Halloween

Crow and Elephant Seals photo by Alexander S. Kunz

Halloween never was an issue in our old neighborhood in 4S Ranch. Two or three groups of little kids rang our doorbell in the evening, they were cute, and we gladly gave them some treats. Watchful parents made sure that the little hands of their kids wouldn’t grab too much out of our candy bowl. And I had the rest of the sweets for myself (it is an important aspect of Halloween that there’d be leftovers). 😀 Continue reading “Escape from Halloween”

Sunday Punday

What’s a German sports car with a deck chair parked near the entrance of the house? A front Porsche!

For my German friends who may be confused now: not knowing how to pronounce it, Americans leave the trailing “e” of Porsche silent, pronouncing it “Porsch” – which almost sounds like “porch”. 😉


On July 1st 2017, as part of a weight-loss bet with a friend, I began to run, and have since kept up the routine of running every 2-3 days. I began to run then to help me lose weight – but in the process, I realized and remembered how good it is for me overall. I’ll try to write a little bit about what it does “and all that” here, to maybe inspire one or the other person with a similar story to try it. And I’m not just talking about weight loss (yes, I won that bet) but I’ll cover that in this first post as well. Continue reading “Running”


Carefully stretching our my tendrils* in search of more modern classical music, I found “Statea”, a joint effort by Tijuana-born electronic musician Murkof and classical pianist Vanessa Wagner. Together, they re-interpreted works of avantgardist/modern/minimalist composers like John Cage, Valentin Silvestrow, Philip Glass, and even Aphex Twin. Continue reading “Statea”