Morning at Olmsted Point 

Morning at Olmsted Point. It’s so weird – many people stop at the parking lot, get out, read one or two of the interpretive signs, make a photo, and leave.

I don’t get that… they’re driving for HOURS to go to Yosemite National Park, pay $30 to get into the park, and don’t even bother to walk three minutes to get away from the road, to the scenic lookout? Continue reading


Lost Magic

When I arrived in Lee Vining yesterday I went to the South Tufa area at Mono Lake after dinner, right around sunset.

I brought the camera with me, but I wasn’t really “pumped” to make photos. I brought it just in case something would speak to me and attract my photographic eye. Primarily though, I just wanted to see the place again. I find Mono Lake and the entire Mono Basin very fascinating. Continue reading

Golden Ears

Whenever I hear someone proclaim that they can hear the difference between MP3 and uncompressed audio, I ask them whether they did an ABX (so-called “double blind”) test. When they reply “a what?” I have my answer. ;-)

If you’re curious about your own ear’s abilities to discern different audio qualities, have a look at this page from “How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?

Yes, it’s tricky – because you don’t know which is which. And that’s the whole point of an ABX test.