I have to admit – this is a weird one. At 15 years old, I expected something rather smooth – but Dalwhinnie isn’t. Neat (pure) it actually sort of burned in my throat. A strange experience. Things got better after I added a sip of water. Definitely a whisky that is better when it’s slightly diluted. Then, the taste is certainly interesting, but I guess it takes time getting used to it. Continue reading


Morning at Olmsted Point 

Morning at Olmsted Point. It’s so weird – many people stop at the parking lot, get out, read one or two of the interpretive signs, make a photo, and leave.

I don’t get that… they’re driving for HOURS to go to Yosemite National Park, pay $30 to get into the park, and don’t even bother to walk three minutes to get away from the road, to the scenic lookout? Continue reading


Lost Magic

When I arrived in Lee Vining yesterday I went to the South Tufa area at Mono Lake after dinner, right around sunset.

I brought the camera with me, but I wasn’t really “pumped” to make photos. I brought it just in case something would speak to me and attract my photographic eye. Primarily though, I just wanted to see the place again. I find Mono Lake and the entire Mono Basin very fascinating. Continue reading

Golden Ears

Whenever I hear someone proclaim that they can hear the difference between MP3 and uncompressed audio, I ask them whether they did an ABX (so-called “double blind”) test. When they reply “a what?” I have my answer. ;-)

If you’re curious about your own ear’s abilities to discern different audio qualities, have a look at this page from npr.org: “How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality?

Yes, it’s tricky – because you don’t know which is which. And that’s the whole point of an ABX test.


To aid me with my neverending task to actually more or less frequently listen to all the music that I have, I created an auto-playlist in foobar2000 (my audio player of choice*) that shows me all music that I haven’t played since 2010. This way, I discover and rediscover gems in my music collection, and one of them is Stellardrone, an artist from Vilnius in Lithuania. Continue reading