Warner Springs to Eagle Rock on the Pacific Crest Trail

Another hike in the famous😉 “Friday’s with Fred” series was long overdue, of course. While taking a morning walk with Toni at Lake Hodges, a San Dieguito River park volunteer told me that he’s a trail angel on the PCT, supporting and motivating through-hikers – and that he does that out of Warner Springs. He mentioned the section of the PCT that goes more or less south (ie. in the opposite direction that most through-hikers take) and to Eagle Rock as particularly beautiful. Since I really love that area but never hiked it much, I was eager to do that just that, and see it.Read More »

Smoking Nurses

I see the same nurses who say “that’s great!” when I tell them that I quit smoking in 2007 take a break outside of the medical facility, and they all have a cigarette in their hands. It makes me wonder if there’s smoking nurses working with lung cancer patients. I bet there are. Freedom and […]

Cubic Mango & White Balance fail

My wife prepared mango in a rather fancy way so I wanted to make a photo of it. But surprise – the white balance was totally wrong. Or rather, no surprise – there’s only warm tones in the frame, so the camera logic, looking for an overall neutral tone, picked a color temperature that was way, way too cold. This was with my iPhone 6, but it doesn’t really matter – even the best DSLR would stumble here.Read More »

Masochistic sharing

Instagram, Ello, Google+, August: it’s remarkable how photographers just love those services the most that make sharing photos most inconvenient. First you have to export from your DAM (where you enter all your titles, captions, keywords!) to a JPEG file, then manually upload, and type your title, caption, keywords/hashtag stuff again. As if embedded IPTC metadata doesn’t exist!Read More »

Approach with caution

There’s a Honda right around here, same make, model year, trim and color as ours. What’s more, only the last two digits of the license plate are different (theirs ends in -50 instead of -48!).

One time it was parked right next to ours, at Lake Hodges, when I returned to the trailhead parking lot from a walk with Toni. I thought I was hallucinating! Another time it was parked in the Costco parking lot and I was going crazy, because neither the remote nor the key itself would unlock the car.

I’ve learned to approach what appears to be our own car with caution on public parking lots.