Views from the Minster's tower

Freiburg Impressions

When we visited Freiburg together with my sister and brother in law I definitely wanted to see the minster and the bell tower with the big historic bells (general information about the minster and it’s bells can be found on Wikipedia). I’m not a religious person at all, but I like sacral buildings a lot – for their ambiance, architecture, and the sense of calm they often seem to provide. Continue reading

Purple Scooter

Purple Scooter

My system of editing/culling images in Lightroom (my photo management software) involves marking images that I like as a “pick” and then rate them at some point. 5-star images are the creme de la creme (and they are far and few between, some are in the “Favorites” gallery on my website), 4-star images go to the website as well, 3-star images are “contextual” and may be included in a blog post but not stand on their own, 2-star images are nice personal memories, 1-star images are personal memories to be kept because they’re just that.

Every now and then I of course have to remind myself to apply these ratings. And “Hell” is a Smart Collection in Lightroom with the criteria being “pick” and “no rating” and the image counter indicates that there are over 2000 matching images. :-P Continue reading

Dead Oak at night, Laguna Mountains

That wasn’t worth it

Late on Friday night we drove out east to Laguna Mountains. The secondary goal was to enjoy the night out in the back country and maybe make some photos of the night sky, weather permitting (the forecast said partly cloudy), then sleep in the car and get up early to achieve the primary goal: hike up to Garnet Peak or Monument Peak for sunrise. Something that has been on my bucket list for a very long time. Continue reading

Mostly Vegetarian

For quite a while now, Shuwen and I are eating mostly vegetarian. Maybe one could say that we’re “home-cooking vegetarians”: we don’t buy food products from dead animals anymore for ourselves, and when we go out and there are vegetarian options, we gladly take them[1]. When there are no vegetarian options (or they’re kinda “meh”), we pick chicken or fish dishes, and at least try to avoid the red meats. And when friends invite us over, we just eat whatever they serve (as long as it doesn’t contain cilantro, in my case, ahem). It’s not a religious thing. No reason to make a fuzz about it[2]. Actually, “going public” in a blog post like this is a bit contradictory, I guess. :) But please, read on. Continue reading