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Before photography became my primary creative outlet (which was around 2006/2007), I was making music on the computer. First on the Amiga, through Aegis Sonix and the countless Soundtracker clones to Octamed Sound Studio; then on the PC, with Jeskola Buzz. (the results can still be found on Aminet and Bandcamp)

I love photography, but looking back, I do have to say that making music made me happier. Why? Because it was before the age of “social” with it’s like-buttons and favorites and up-votes and view counters and whatnot. All the stuff that makes you and what you create comparable, and somehow seems to imply that your creativity is measurable. Continue reading


Coast Live Oak in Morning Fog

Coast Live Oak in Morning Fog

Coast Live Oak in Morning Fog — 4S Ranch, San Diego, California, United States.

Made during one of the first mornings with really dense fog in 2014. I wasn’t up early enough to take full advantage of it, it burned off really fast. This little Coast Live Oak is one of the survivors of the 2007 fires that charred the chaparral hills around 4S Ranch.

I also added this to the “California Trees in Squares” gallery on my website, which is something like an ongoing challenge/project: I decided that the gallery should always only contain nine photos (and boy, I haven’t updated it in a long time), so when I want to add a new one, I have to remove an older image.

I’m telling myself that one fine day, art buyers from all over the world will track that gallery all the time to make sure they don’t miss an update, and have the entire collection in print. What would we be without our dreams? :)

Clicking on the image will open it on Fine Art America, where prints, greeting cards etc. are available.