There’s a gazillion (more or less silly) photo themes on Google+. Mountain Monday, curated by my friend Michael Russell, is one of the oldest ones and I contribute to it every now and then, despite the fact that I don’t have access to “real” mountains here. I’m saying “real” mountains because those have been, are and always will be the alps for me. Even though the highest peaks of Southern California (like Mount San Antonio aka Mount Baldy, and Mount San Jacinto) are only about a 2 1/2 hours drive away, hiking there is just not the same as hiking in the alps*. Continue reading

In The Shade -- Autumnal trees reflecting in the waters of Frillensee, near Inzell/Adlgass, Bavaria, Germany.

Why I watermark my photos

Yes, yes I hear you… not yet another addition to the endless watermarking debate. :) But hear me out. The post isn’t that long. Because if there’s one thing I regret about sharing photos on the internet, it’s that I haven’t always been adding a watermark to my images. Not because I think it would keep anyone from taking a photo that they find online and use/steal/reshare it for whatever purpose. It would be foolish to assume that. No, I watermark for a different reason. Take this photo for example: Continue reading

100 Follows


I mentioned in my “Pop Culture” post that I’m trying to eliminate the “numbers game of popularity” as far as possible in my online presences, so the sheer number of reaching 100 “native” WordPress.com followers (a couple of days ago) as such isn’t that significant. What’s important is the person behind every single profile, and I try to visit your sites and have a look what you’re blogging when I can.

I hope that my mixture of topics and photos remains interesting. Thanks for paying attention to it and following my blog!

Using wordpress.com as an RSS reader

I just discovered that you can add any RSS feed to the WordPress.com Reader – and not just blogs hosted on WordPress.com. While logged in and viewing the Reader, simply click on “Edit” in the right-hand panel next to “Blogs I follow” (direct link: click) – at the top of the list that opens is a box where you can enter any site/blog URL to follow. It doesn’t even have to be the feed/rss URL, the normal URL works just fine.

Posts from non-WP sites will be missing WP’s “social” features such as the Like button and direct commenting of course, and I for one still prefer a dedicated reader (I’m using G2Reader) because it allows me to categorize the feeds into folders. Makes it easier to digest large numbers of subscriptions. :) But if you’re only a casual reader that consumes blog posts more like a Twitter feed, this probably works well enough.

Quo Vadis, Google+?

In the comments to my “Leave that thing alone” post a friend mentioned that there are rumors (link to article on Bloomberg) that Google will separate photo sharing from Google+ “as the company looks to attract more users.”

One cannot help but wonder what that actually translates to. From my limited point of view and my usage of Google+ (mostly sharing photos and photography-related things), photography is the most attractive content on Google+. Looking at the list of most followed profiles reveals a surprising number of photographers who are probably unknown to the outside world, but rank very high on Google+. People know Snoop Dogg (#6) but who the hell is Trey Ratcliff (#7) to anyone who’s not into “social photography” and/or HDR? And who the hell is this Thomas Hawk (#8) compared to Alicia Keys (#10) please? You get the idea. Continue reading

Scripps Coastal Preserve

Editorial / Dialogue

When I “reactivated” this blog a while ago I thought I’d add it as another outlet for my photography. In the past couple of weeks and months however I a) reduced the amount of photo posts and b) posted more of the stuff that I used to write about in the past – photography, technology, food, that sort of thing. Also, I have such a crazy amount of images in my backlog that I just don’t find the time to create a post and write about each of them in a blog post. Continue reading