Classic view of Convict Lake, Mono County, CA.

Morning Walk at Convict Lake

We spent the last 10 days at Mammoth Lakes, enjoying a much needed change of scenery – from hot, dry, brown and arid San Diego landscapes to the mountains of the Eastern Sierra with splendid fall colors, flowing streams and beautiful murmuring streams. It was still surprisingly warm (or so we’ve been told, not that we would entirely agree to it since we’re spoiled San Diegans when it comes to temperatures and the weather) for the area and we enjoyed this vacation a lot, even though we struggled with the very dry air a bit.
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Views along the trail to Tahquitz Peak

Tahquitz Peak via South Ridge Trail

A training hike for our coming Mammoth Lakes visit was badly overdue, as I haven’t done any “serious” hiking since my knee injury last year in November in the desert. I haven’t had my ACL rupture fixed because the surgery is kind of scary (to me!) and the recovery time is pretty darn long (6-8 months). The cartilage damage however has “fixed itself” (probably just worn in by now…) and I can fully move the knee again. The lower temperatures this weekend were a good opportunity to put myself to the test, in multiple ways. :) Continue reading


From Alexander’s unofficial photography dictionary (AUPD), today:

Doubt-of-Field (DOF), n. – the haunting fear that you didn’t stop down enough. Especially found in photographers who recently switched from crop to full frame sensor.

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, CA.

The Digital Stain

It appears to me that even today, after a decade or more of digital photography, that post processing is perceived as “the digital stain” that alters photographs from what they “should” be. Hashtags and photo themes like #SOOC (for “straight out of camera”) try to establish a most nonsensical sense of purity. A purity that simply doesn’t exist in photography. It never has. Continue reading