Smoke free for seven years now

Early in July 2007, I quit smoking. At that time I was rolling my own cigarettes (from organic tobacco – if I’d poison myself with nicotine, it should at least be natural, haha!) and only smoked a couple of cigarettes in the evening. Something between one and five. More when I was composing music and felt the rush of inspiration.

My mother smoked, and I picked it up when I was in the German equivalent to high school (“Realschule”, up to 10th grade). That means I smoked on and off for about 20 years. Holy shit! Continue reading

Hochburg Ruins

The last couple of days of our stay in Germany it was pretty hot, so we had to scratch our hiking plans and find activities that were less strenuous in the heat. We visited the ruins of Kastelburg near Waldkirch and Hochburg near Emmendingen instead. The latter is quite an impressive structure (Google Maps, switch to Satellite/Earth layer), it must have been quite the sight in its day, sitting upon that hill and overlooking the surrounding valleys and pastures.

Read my new blog!

Dear everyone who wasn’t there when it started: a single article that you write and publish on your site is not called “blog”. It’s called a post. The word “blog” comes from “web log” and as the “log” part implies, it means the entire thing.

All the posts that you ever published are your web log. That thing you wrote and then clicked on a button labeled “Publish” is called a blog post. Or maybe a blog article, if you like that better.

But when you say “I just published a new blog!” it sounds to us oldskool bloggers as if you started an entirely new site. Which at first confuses us, and then we laugh about you a little bit (sorry).

So please: blog = all of your articles and blog post = one single article.



There’s a gazillion (more or less silly) photo themes on Google+. Mountain Monday, curated by my friend Michael Russell, is one of the oldest ones and I contribute to it every now and then, despite the fact that I don’t have access to “real” mountains here. I’m saying “real” mountains because those have been, are and always will be the alps for me. Even though the highest peaks of Southern California (like Mount San Antonio aka Mount Baldy, and Mount San Jacinto) are only about a 2 1/2 hours drive away, hiking there is just not the same as hiking in the alps*. Continue reading

In The Shade -- Autumnal trees reflecting in the waters of Frillensee, near Inzell/Adlgass, Bavaria, Germany.

Why I watermark my photos

Yes, yes I hear you… not yet another addition to the endless watermarking debate. :) But hear me out. The post isn’t that long. Because if there’s one thing I regret about sharing photos on the internet, it’s that I haven’t always been adding a watermark to my images. Not because I think it would keep anyone from taking a photo that they find online and use/steal/reshare it for whatever purpose. It would be foolish to assume that. No, I watermark for a different reason. Take this photo for example: Continue reading